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Boardroom AV sales and services Dallas

Sound Masking Solutions

Elite Technologies offers a comprehensive array of solutions including signal generators, speakers, and self contained systems for any installation where sound masking or speech privacy is critical


Our professional-grade control products are powerful enough to control systems of any size or scope. They're intuitive enough for any user to operate confidently. Because our systems are designed to perform under the most demanding conditions, you can expect reliable performance every time. Ask yourself what you need to get done. 

Video Conferencing

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Networking & WiFi

Your network may look similar but your business challenges are different. Networking solutions for your unique business challenges.  We can provide a network ifrastructure that can handle the demands of any sized workplace, and offer managed solutions to ensure your business is always connected.

Conference Rooms

The last thing people want to be concerned with when preparing for a business meeting or presentation is the operational details of the conference room equipment. We can bring together control of audio/video systems, lighting, shades and more into a simple, intuitive. interface allowing users to easily take command of today's communication technologies. 

Training Rooms and Huddle Spaces

Huddle spaces are great for popup meetings, where simplicity and cost-effectiveness are key. Our AV Systems empowers frequently changing users with intuitive control and easy collaboration on the fly. 

Lighting & Shade Control

When you're in it, you feel it. You're more productive. You're more comfortable. You're simply happier.  We call it the Precise Environment, and we can help you create it - for your customers, for your clients, and for you. In offices. In hotels. On college campuses, healthcare facilities, and more.

Bars & Resturaunts

Controlling the lighting, HVAC and audio/video gear in a fast paced bar or restaurant environment can be challenging. There are continuously new users with the need to control many different systems at any given time. With our controls, one button can programmed to set the "evening ambiance" of the restaurant such as dimming the lights and activating the "dinner" music. 

The guest experience in bars and restaurants doesn’t end at food and drinks. From automatically triggered scenes to changing the channel for a guest, Elite Technologies control and AV distribution make it possible to quickly manipulate every aspect of the atmosphere. 

House of Worship

Whether it's audiovisuals in the sanctuary, playing a video in classrooms, or digital signage in the entry, places of worship utilize technology to inform and inspire. RTI solutions are tailored to each project, to allow frequently changing, non- technical 

Access Control


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